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Monday, June 14, 2010

Cevedra B. Sheldon, Designer

Cevedra Blake Sheldon was a prolific Park Slope architect/builder who constructed a great many Park Slope buildings including the entire west side of 7th Avenue between Garfield and 1st Street, the 3 matching corner buildings at the intersection of Garfield & 7th, and the Verona apartment building at 7th Avenue and President Street, among other buildings.

It turns out that Cevedra B. Sheldon was a designer/inventor as well.

On February 1, 1876, Sheldon was granted a patent for the invention of a new kind of reclining lounge chair/"invalid chair". The chair went into mass production by the Marks Adjustable Folding Chair Company of New York:

Image: Brooklyn Museum Collection

The Marks company defended its product line assiduously, bringing suit against imitators:

The Federal Reporter: Volume 43, Sept.-Dec. 1890

Many of these folding chairs appear to have survived and to come up for auction fairly frequently. A casual search on "Cevedra B. Sheldon" yields the following examples currently for sale:


Dale Sheldon said...

Hello!! I just want to thank you for posting all of these wonderful articles about my great-uncle Cevedra and his work. I am the family genealogist and he was a bit of a mystery to me. For many years (literally, since the 1850's) he has been listed only as "Sevedra Sheldon" in a few minor genealogies and I was never able to find him (or her, I didn't even know the gender until today). Then I found an 1855 state census that listed "Sevedra Sheldon, male, age 15" with his father and a sister. Realizing he was a "he", I was determined to find more and, in expanding my search for misspellings of the name, found Cevedra B. Sheldon! His brother, my 3rd great-grandfather William Wallace Barbour Sheldon was also an architectural engineer although, unlike Cevedra, I don't think he was ever a designer. He built the famous Mark Hopkins mansion in San Francisco and the original Santa Monica Pier. Now, thanks to you, I have a wealth of additional information on my great-uncle. If you would like any info on his origins I would be happy to share them with you. - Dale Sheldon

Donald Little said...

How much are the invalid chairs going for?

Donald Little said...

How much do the Sheldon invalid chairs go for?