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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Calder & Calder in 7th Street

Recently we noted rows of Park Slope buildings by the father-and-son team of Alexander G. Calder and William M. Calder in 8th Street and in 7th Avenue.

The prolific pair of Park Slope builders also apparently constructed in 1887 the long row of 10 brownstone-faced, three-story, three-family "flat houses" in 7th Street just above 7th Avenue:

476-506 7th Street
Alexander G. Calder, builder
William M. Calder, architect
- 1887

476-506 7th Street

The New Buildings permit was recorded in the April 9, 1887 issue of the American Architect & Building News:

"Building Intelligence; Tenement-Houses; Brooklyn, N. Y.," AABN vol. 21, no. 589 (Apr. 9, 1887): p. xii.
– "Seventh St., s s, 80' e Seventh Ave., 10 three-st’y brown-stone tenements, tin roofs; cost, each, $7,000; owner and contractor, A. G. Calder, 312 Thirteenth St., architect, W. M. Calder."

These lots are immediately adjacent to the 7th Avenue lots, developed a year later in 1888, also by Calder & Calder, with a row of five mixed-use (flats over stores) buildings facing 7th Avenue. Apparently the pair of developers managed to gain control over the entire 100' deep parcel extending from mid-block between 7th & 8th Avenues, all the way to 7th Avenue.

486 7th Street

498 7th Street - stoop detail

The permit recorded by the AABN was for 10 houses, and all 10 remain today, in essentially intact condition. This row is part of the Park Slope Civic Council's "Phase 1" proposal to extend the Park Slope Historic District.

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