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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prospect Theater in 1914

Concluding our survey of the Brooklyn Public Library's photographs of historic theaters in Park Slope is this great view of the Prospect Theater. The BPL cites 1914 as the date of the photograph:

Prospect Theater, Park Slope, in 1914
photo: Brooklyn Public Library

According to our research, the theater was built in 1914, so this very early image shows the building in its original condition, including domes and cornice, now gone. Also note the handsome street lights progressing up 9th Street.

The theater building extends all the way through the block to 8th Street. The front is now a C-Town supermarket, and the back has been converted to apartments, whose residents enter through the original stage door in 8th Street:

Prospect Theater - 8th Street side

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The Doodler said...

My wife and I rent in that house that you see beside the stage door (back entrance) to the theatre. We were watching a documentary about The Three Stooges last night and found out that this is where Ted Healey and Moe Howard teamed up—starting what became The Three Stooges. A word from Moe at 1:30: