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Monday, December 13, 2010

Acme Hall's Architect

The history of Acme Hall, on the northwest corner of 9th Street and 7th Avenue, is well known by now, having been recounted on the old Gowanus Lounge and Here's Park Slope blogs.

It is well established from these previous accounts that Acme Hall was built in 1889-1890 by Charles Nickenig, who also built the adjoining mixed-use (flats over stores) row extending to 8th Street.

Acme Hall
Charles Nickenig, Owner/Builder
J. G. Glover, architect - 1889

However, we've never before seen the name of Acme Hall's architect. Perhaps someone has posted it elsewhere, but we're not aware that he has been identified, until now. According to the Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide, the architect is J. G. Glover:

"Buildings Projected - Kings County," RERBG v. 44, no. 1116 (August 3, 1889): p. 1094.
- 1693 - 7th av, n w cor 9th st, one four-story brick club house, 38.6x71, tin roof, iron cornice; cost, $30,000; Chas. Nickenig, 368 11th st; ar't, J. G. Glover.

J. G. (John Graham) Glover's name is familiar to us; he was the architect of C. B. Sheldon's great Verona apartment building at 7th Avenue and President Street. Glover's name also appears frequently in various historic district Designation Reports.


R. Edebohls said...

Thanks for discovering the name of the architect, J. G. Glover! I couldn't find it when I was writing my article on Acme Hall fro the Gowanus Lounge (and thank you for mentioning my article). Since I grew up in the neighborhood and now live a block and half away, Acme Hall has always been a presence in my life.

HDEC said...

Thank you, Ruth, for all your original research regarding Acme Hall!

Basically, everyone else has merely been repeating your work ever since. All I did is add one small pebble to your mountain of original work.