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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Park Slope Panorama

A reader sends in this panoramic photograph of Park Slope and environs, taken from the roof of the 9th Street YMCA last Thursday evening.

The occasion was the Park Slope Civic Council's first "Movers and Shakers" party; definitely the place to be last Thursday if you could obtain an invite. It was a lovely evening with a fantastic view. The evening's featured refreshment was the "Park Slope Passion".

The photograph spans about 180 degrees, from southwest to northeast. The large building in the left foreground is the former Prospect Theater, which cuts all the way through the block from 9th Street to 8th Street. At the extreme right is P.S. 39, a designated city landmark; to its left is the Park Slope United Methodist Church; to the left of that is the old 6th Avenue Methodist Church building, later a YMHA associated with Congregation B'nai Jacob, now Camp Friendship.

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