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Monday, May 4, 2009

New Perspectives on Familiar Bonerts

Below are details from some of the 6th Avenue Bonert apartment houses that we've been exploring recently.

A closeup of the Romanesque capitals on the clustered columns beside the doorway, east side of 6th Avenue north of 2nd Street:

Classical doorway with original wooden door and frame, 353 6th Avenue between 4th & 5th Streets:

353 6th Avenue

Note the sort of beaded pattern on the edge of the wooden frame around the door:

The stone doorway on the next building, 355 6th Avenue, is quite different from the adjacent classical doorway. Yet it has exactly the same wooden door frame:

355 6th Avenue

The doorway of 355 6th Avenue also matches those in the long row across the street, on the west side of 6th Avenue between 4th & 5th Streets:

348 6th Avenue

Look up to find precisely the same beadlike pattern employed along the bottom of the cornice on many of these same buildings:

A miniature version of the beadlike detail is even incorporated in the egg-and-dart molding that connects the top-floor windows:

Finally, the mysterious clasped hands from the cornice at 346-348 6th Avenue. Some kind of Freemasonic symbol, perhaps?

346-348 6th Avenue

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