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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Louis Bonert, 6th Avenue & 2nd Street, 1894

Our next group of documented buildings by prolific Park Slope builder Louis Bonert is found at the northeast corner of 6th Avenue and 2nd Street. The group of buildings is nearly identical to other similar rows constructed by Bonert around the same time:

6th Avenue & 2nd Street, northeast corner - unprotected

299 6th Avenue - unprotected

The documentation for the row of four apartment houses just off the corner appears in the New York Times of September, 1894:

New York Times, September 4, 1894, p. 12 ("Brooklyn Realty Matters")

The building permit does not include the corner building itself. But the details of the corner building leave little doubt that it too was constructed by Bonert:

303-305 6th Avenue - detail

Interestingly, the row departs in several ways from Bonert's previous rows that extended to a corner lot. Bonert previously often offset a brownstone-faced, mixed use (residential over commercial first floor) corner building with adjacent all-residential, brick-over-brownstone buildings. Here the corner building boasts a wonderful rounded window bay, but is otherwise very similar to the adjacent buildings, and shows no sign of ever having incorporated a commercial component on the first floor:

On the side elevation of the corner building, Bonert introduces an unusual spandrel panel featuring a Native American in feathered headdress:

305 6th Avenue - spandrel panel detail

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