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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Research Files

A while ago we published a Google document to the web containing all of our Brooklyn Eagle, American Architect & Building News, New York Times etc. research on the parts of Park Slope that have not been included in the current historic district... i.e. on the "study area" that we have asked the Landmarks Preservation Commission to evaluate when considering a phased expansion of the Park Slope Historic District.

Recently, alas, this file exceeded the maximum allowed size (1MB) for a Google Doc... and we have had to split it.

So for the rare reader who actually consults this document, be advised that it is now split into two parts:

Lots facing Park Slope's avenues (4th, 5th, 6th, ... PPW) can be accessed here.
Lots facing Park Slope's streets (Flatbush thru 15th) can be accessed here.

Please update bookmarks or whatever. You know who you are.

Our apologies for the technical difficulties, which were beyond our control. Every citation is of course also present in the photo captions for our comprehensive photo database of Park Slope.

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