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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fire Alarm Boxes Phasing Out

We understand that the ubiquitous fire alarm call boxes on seemingly every other street corner are being phased out by the city's Fire Department.

This kind of "street furniture" is not strictly under our purview, but we regret to see them pass away anyway. End of an era, and all that...

These boxes are placed according to a strict pattern. Have you noticed? Do you know what the pattern is? The inimitable Kevin Walsh of Forgotten NY devotes an entire page to fire boxes here. Kevin thinks the top looks like an ice-cream cone. We're thinking, Statue of Liberty torch.

We photographed the specimen below at the northeast corner of 6th Avenue and Carroll Street in Park Slope:

NYC Fire Alarm Call Box


Eric McClure said...

I had never been able to figure out what those orange lights on the top of light poles were for -- now I know, after clicking through to Forgotten NY.

Mystery solved!

Anonymous said...

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