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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finding Aid: Guide to Resources

With the apparent demise of link shortener bk.ly, some of our links are stale, so it seems a good time to update our Finding Aid, a guide to online resources concerning the Park Slope Historic District Extension.

(1) The Photo Archive: photographs of every street in Park Slope, winter 2008-2009. See the photo comments for historic information about the buildings.

(2) Park Slope Real Estate News: these are New Building/Alteration permits transcribed from the Brooklyn Eagle, American Architect and Building News, Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide, and other periodicals. Divided into:
(2a) Streets
(2b) Avenues
The same information is also compiled in the Photo Archive comments.

(3) Department of Buildings files: organized by block/lot number, photographs of Dept. of Buildings files for some properties in the study areas: link

(4) Save the Slope blog: rants and ruminations about Park Slope history.

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