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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Paul Auster on Disappearing Park Slope

photo: Brownstoner

In case you missed it... from an interview with author Paul Auster published in this week's L Magazine:

What are some of your favorite spots in Park Slope? Bookstores? Coffee Shops? Bars?

We have two bookstores left in Park Slope. We used to have more. Right now we have the Barnes and Noble that's been there for about, I don't know how many years—ten years? Twelve years? And then the
Community Bookstore, which is an essential part of the neighborhood. And I know they're hanging by the skin of their teeth. But they're still there and I don't think they're gonna go out of business 'cause I think they have many loyal customers who prefer to shop there, because people know how important it is to keep an independent store here.

Bars? There used to be Snooky's! I used to like to go there. But that's gone... A lot of old people, you know, the real old-time Park Slope drunks used to hang out in Snooky's. I always had a fondness for that place... And then, for a number of years, there was this terrific little restaurant called the Second Street Cafe, and I used to go there for lunch often, and that too has closed down. So, it's a bit sad that places are disappearing.

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Eric McClure said...

The Community Bookstore is emblematic of everything that makes Park Slope a great neighborhood.

Snooky's food was pretty lousy, but it was kind of a classic in its own right, and I was sad to see it go. Maybe we could replace a few of the cellphone stores with locally owned, neighborhood watering holes.