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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reader's Questions: Building Research

We haven't figured out how to be notified on the rare occasion when someone actually posts a comment to this blog. It's basically just a matter of chance, so if you ask a question and we don't respond in the comments, it's probably because we didn't see it! If you really want to reach us, email us via the Park Slope Civic Council website.

At any rate, we just noticed the following comment from "Christopher" in response to our August post about the west side of 7th Avenue between 10th & 11th Streets:

7th Avenue & 10th Street, n w corner

Impressive! how did your researchers go about finding 1880s building permits? There are some buildings in the area I'd like to do the same with. 145 14th Street is my family's old homestead.

Thanks for reading, Christopher!

The building permits and original documents that we featured in our earlier post are on file at the Brooklyn Department of Buildings. The Park Slope Civic Council has been fortunate to receive a few very small grants that have funded a couple of interns who have actually gone into the DOB stacks, pulled files for some blocks in our "study area", and photographed them. We only have a few of these files online so far, but it is our intention to image more of these documents and to make them available online for future researchers.

145 14th Street is apparently west of 4th Avenue, which is outside our "study area," so unfortuntately we have no information to share about that building.

Someday maybe someone with a huge amount of time and disk space will image the entire Brooklyn DOB files and make them available online.


Chicken Underwear said...

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Or you can just turn on "Comment Moderation". Comments wont appear right away but I wont feel ignored.

HDEC said...

Hmmm... thanks...

However the only option I see in "Settings" is the option to allow posting via email.

This is probably because I was not the original "creator" of this blog; it was created by a volunteer who granted me posting privilege. Consequently I can't change the page layout or anything without going through this other person, which is pretty cumbersome...

Probably easier just to close this one down one of these days, and open a new blog from scratch.

angela said...

I've somehow only now came across this terrific blog. I've been living in PS for 15 1/2 years and remember when 5th avenue was rather dicey. I have often wondered how "bad" it was in the 60s and 70s but havent come across many images.

I'll go to your other official web site— I'm happy to help or volunteer. i love doing research...

dash said...

Blogger allows multiple "Admins." Just have the original Admin grant you Admin privileges. It would be a shame to close this blog down and lose all of your content. Blogger is probably the best blog hosting software to use since it's owned by Google, which gives it search priority.