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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Charles Long and J. F. Wood Build in 9th Street

About six months after extending his initial row in 5th Street, Charles Long filed plans (Oct. 1883) to construct six three story over basement brownstone-front single-family houses on the southeast corner of 9th Street and 7th Avenue. Additional plans were filed in 1884 for an adjoining row of five more houses:

"Building Intelligence; Brooklyn," AABN vol. 14, no. 408 (Oct. 20, 1883): p. 191.
– "Ninth St., s e cor. Seventh Ave., 6 three-st’y and basement brownstone dwells., tin roofs; cost, each, $8,000; owner, Charles Long, 367 Seventh St.; builders, J. F. Wood."

"Building Intelligence; Brooklyn," AABN vol. 15, no. 437 (May 10, 1884): p. 227.
– "Ninth St., s s, 110' e Seventh Ave., 5 three-st’y brown-stone dwells., tin roofs; cost, each, $7,500; owner, Chas. Long, 367 Seventh St.; builder, J. F. Wood."

The resulting row of eleven houses is very similar to those constructed by Long and Wood in 5th Street, except here the facade projects in a full-height, two-sided bay. The detailing is otherwise identical to the 5th Street houses:

460-458-456 9th Street - unprotected

The row is largely intact except for the three houses closest to 7th Avenue:

450-448-446 9th Street - unprotected

We have noted another subtle difference between the two parts of this row. The distinction can be seen in the fan-like incised ornament in the middle of the door hood. In the earlier (1883) row of six houses, the fan ornament contains 9 "ribs", similar to the 5th Street houses, whereas the same ornament in the later (1884) houses contains 11 "ribs". The incised ornament in the later houses also features an extra curlicue at the ends, lacking in the earlier houses. The eleven houses are otherwise highly similar to each other, and with the exception of the projecting bay, they are similar to Long's 5th Street houses as well:

454 9th Street - 1883 - detail

458 9th Street - 1884 - detail

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