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Monday, January 5, 2009

St. Matthew's English Lutheran Church

A slight air of neglect surrounds the church at 6th Avenue and 2nd Street in Park Slope. The cornerstone has crumbled away and is no longer readable. However, it is possible to make out the words "Matthew's" and "Lutheran Church", carved on stone plaques mounted onto the tower.

From these clues, via a search in the online Brooklyn Eagle, we were able to determine that the original name for this church was St. Matthew's English Lutheran Church. Apparently there was also a German Lutheran Church elsewhere in Brooklyn.

St. Matthew's English Lutheran Church, 6th Ave. & 2nd Street - unprotected

A Brooklyn Eagle article from May 22, 1896, notes that the Church was nearing completion and would be dedicated in June of that year:

Brooklyn Eagle, May 22, 1896

Several churches already stand within the boundaries of the current Park Slope Historic District. Below is the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, erected 1880. Its steeple was knocked down by the Hurricane of 1938:

Sixth Avenue Baptist Church - Park Slope Historic District

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Old First said...

There were very many German Lutheran congregations in Brooklyn. There still is one in the Heights. There were also several German Reformed congregations in Brooklyn.

The Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, I have always thought, it is a beautifully proportioned building.